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a) For seeking admission to RNNYC, a student has to apply on the prescribed admission from available along with the prospectus, which can be obtained on payment of a fixed amount specified from time.
b) On being selected for admission, the student is required to pay the prevailing admission fee for-the concerned course. A student is allowed to pay a booking fee and the balance amount of admission fee within 7 days. If the student does not pay the balance amount within 7 days, his/her admission is cancelled. The booking fee is non-refundable.
c) In certain cases, a special confessional fee structure (for course fee only) is available for ex-students of RABINDRA NATH NATIONAL YOUTH CENTRE and upgrading students. An ex-student for the purpose is defined as any person — i) who has completed a professional course at RABINDRA NATH NATIONAL YOUTH CENTRE? ii) Who has a certificate to prove the same? iii) Who has proof of having paid all the dues for the course?
d) For certain courses, students have the facility of paying their course fee in installments as specified from time to time.
e) Students availing of the Installment Facility have to make a specified down payment on or before the first session.
f) The monthly installment of the payment are due as stated in the invoice (in case of a holiday, on the previous working day), irrespective of whether a student continues with a batch or takes a batch transfer or drops out of the course at any point of time.
g) A grace period of 10 days from the due date "specified in the invoice may be granted for paying an installment. A late fine of Rs.2/day (except holidays) is charged during the grace period (The due date is counted at the dated of next month he/she is admitted).
h) The name of a student is automatically struck off the Student ID and the student is not permitted to attend classes if he/she fails to pay the installment within the grace period.
i) In exceptional case, a student whose name has been struck off the Student ID may be permitted to continue with his/her course only upon payment of an appropriate late fee as well as the balance of the course fee and batch transfer fee, at the discretion of the Centre-in-charge.
j) A student who defaults on an installment can no longer avail of the installment facility.
k) Any student availing of the installment facility can discontinue the installment mode of payment by paying a one-time amount which will result in a considerable saving for the student. The details are available with Academic Counselors.
1) All fees are payable by cash.
m) The Institute reserves the right to make any changes in the fee-structure from time to time. These changes shall be binding on both existing and new students.
n) A student is liable to pay Rs. 50/- as examination fee on the specified date mentioned in the student invoice.
o) A student is expected to complete a course in the batch of the particular centre that he/she has been admitted to. If, after commencement of the course a student seeks transfer to a different batch / centre, permission will have to be taken from relevant authorities. If permission is granted, the student will be required to pay Rs. 10/- as Batch transfer fee and Rs. 100/- as centre transfer fee.
p) When a student books admission to a particular course and makes the down payment, he/she is issued an Invoice. The installment amount payable by the student and the due dates are mentioned in this card. A student has to sign the card when he/she receives it. A student must produce his/her invoice at the time of payments.
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