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Academic Definitions:
a) An Academic Session represents the period commencing from the first class attended by a student to the specified time of completion of the specific course for which the students have been admitted.
b) A Batch is a group of students registered for a specific course. Each batch is assigned a specific batch code. Each batch has a specific commencement date.
c) Every course leads to the award of a Certificate subject to fulfillment of all requirements.
d) A Course is the smallest unit for which admission is permitted. A course is a sequence of classroom and practical session and associated with learning activities.
e) Monthly Installment Payment Plan is a facility which is given to a student whereby he/she can make a part of the payment.
f) Admission to a course that forms an advanced version of particular course is called Course up gradation.
g) A Student Invoice is containing information a batch code, student's registration/roll no, student's enrollment no, student's name and the mode of payment of course fee.
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